Skin cancer prevention in the palm of your hand

SkinIO is the skin cancer detection app for your smartphone

Plus expert dermatologist review and an in-person appointment, if you need it, in 2-3 weeks.

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How SkinIO Works

1. 10-minute full body skin exam on your phone

2. AI-based mole mapping and change detection

3. Expert dermatologist review

4. Connection to expedited in-person care

What SkinIO users have to say

"Without SkinIO I wouldn’t have been able to catch this as quickly as I did, and would have had worse circumstances without it.”

"My wife took a picture of the left side of my face...a tiny spot turned out to be aggressive cancer."

"This was something on my own body that I hardly noticed...they just see something you don't."


Melanoma Survivor / SkinIO User

"I was 30 and going to the dermatologist just wasn't on my radar."


Skin Cancer Survivor / SkinIO User

Expert dermatology that comes to you

SkinIO is the skin cancer detection and mole mapping technology developed for dermatology practices... now available to you at home.

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Disclaimer: Skip The Wait™ Connection to Care is only available in select geographies. SkinIO is a non-diagnostic tool and results are NOT a substitute for medical advice. Always contact your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about a particular skin condition or your general health at any time.